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Bodywise Health Options offers somatically based educational seminars, workshops and training programs for workers and holistically oriented support systems for the workplace.

Through holistic education and preventative occupational health services our mission is to empower employers and workers with the knowledge, ability and resources to reduce occupational injury and manage workplace stress.

Our seminars address the root causes of most work related and repetitive motion injuries. Workers learn to experience skeletal support and establish posture and movement from their centered structural core. This relieves the muscular tension associated with today's most debilitating work related injuries:

  • low back pain

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • repetitive stress injuries

  • neck and shoulder stress

Once a person understands and embodies structural support, they use less muscular effort. The body becomes more capable of repeating motions or maintaining aligned posture with greater ease.

We offer programs in a sequential series format and several time frames to meet the individual needs of companies and their workers. Courses include half-day seminars, daylong trainings, weekend retreat programs and weekly or monthly follow-up.

Seminars promote a personal comprehension of:

  • skeletal design for structural support

  • joint design for motion

  • movement with awareness

  • spinal and head alignment

  • movement patterning

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