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“Denise Stoner has demonstrated her knowledge of muscular and skeletal systems unparalleled by others in her field.  Her training and service have been instrumental in increasing my awareness of repetitive motion stress in my body and methods of relieving this stress.  I can highly recommend her services in efforts to improve the quality of life for most people.”
          William B. Behan, President
          AirSure Limited

 “Bodywise Health Options has made a phenomenal difference in my work and life.  The extraordinary changes that have manifested in my way of being in my body have strengthened my physical presence and brought a new awareness of myself in all my daily movements and activities.  The Bodywise experience is a whole new way of being in my body, and in the world.”
          Jennifer Sweete, President
          Accounting Essentials, Inc.

“Denise’s approach to the functional interrelationship of the muscular and skeletal systems and posture is practical, intuitive and comprehensive. Our work together has relieved the chronic back and neck pain associated with my ergonomically challenged profession.  I gratefully and confidently refer patients and colleagues alike.”
          Brian Henderson, DMD

“Miracles happen each time that Denise and I work together with the Bodywise Health Options principles she has developed.  I am awakened to a complete feeling of well being, comfort, center, alignment, length and peace.  My body experiences a total sense of ease in motion. The chronic pain I thought I had to live with has become a part of my past.” 
          Janet Cummings, President
          Pegasus Learning Systems Company

“Denise Stoner is a master teacher, healer and interpreter of the physical misalignments caused by our busy lives.  I've prevented  work and travel related injuries by applying her principles of skeletal support, and her therapeutic massage skills have brought my stiff aching body back to life.”
          Irene Sanders, President
          Sanders and Company

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