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conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome
 and low back pain have to be a part of your life,

Somatic education is an integrated, experiential learning approach to body awareness and movement. It generates

  • an expanded sense of skeletal support

  • decreased muscular strain and effort

  • chronic pain management

  • greater ease in movement or posture


Workplace injury has become one of our most profound occupational health issues. The challenge is for every body to become more responsible for their own occupational health. There's just one catch: every body is different. Bodywise Health Options can help you

  • minimize what you spend on occupational health injury claims
  • maximize the amount of time your employees are on the job
  • increase the quality and efficiency of their work


Denise Stoner, founder of Bodywise Health Options, was recently awarded a Trademark for the ERGO-SOMA program.

The Bodywise ERGO-SOMA Program empowers employers and workers with the knowledge, ability and resources to reduce occupational injury and manage workplace stress.

  • Our classes and educational seminars address the root causes of work related injuries.

  • Students learn to experience correct structural support and the release of chronic muscular tension.

  • It helps minimize the occurrence of occupational health injuries.

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